Miss Mahoney

Make the World a Better Place

Support one of my favorite charities. Even when times are tight, there are children and animals out there in desperate need of help and worse off than you. If you can find it in your heart, please contribute what you can to these deserving charities. Even small amounts can add up & every little bit helps.

 ~The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

These incredibly dedicated people rescue baby elephants orphaned by poachers who murder their mothers or due to other human related disasters. It took them 30 years to develop a formula that can support the life of elephants under 2 years of age. After losing a baby elephant that dies of grief and loneliness when her keeper left for a short time the Trust has learned to discourage the babies from becoming too attached to just one person. They are "handled by a team of dedicated “Keepers” who can represent a “family” and who replace an orphan’s lost elephant one. The “family”, along with the milk formula, is an essential component to success in rearing the elephants who mirror humans in terms of emotion."
"All the elephant orphans raised by the Trust are gradually rehabilitated back into the wild elephant community of Tsavo National Park when grown, a transition that is made at their own pace and in their own time, but usually taking approximately eight to ten years."
Please support the trust in their efforts to reverse the atrocities brought on these innocent, intelligent, self-aware creatures that we share this Earth with. Adopt a baby elephant today!